Wednesday, December 30, 2009

This is a new year..

I DO feel different!

As many are making list of 2009 ... I am looking to 2010 list. I think it's great to reflect on prior years experiences but the last few years have brought so much change and growth a list would not do any justice.

I have so many goals and plans for 2010. I am super excited for the adventure! My loved ones will be along for the ride, you know who you are. With that being said, I have been really thinking a lot about being a bit more exclusive. mmmm maybe exclusive is not the correct term... maybe less "connected".

The other day I was working in a coffee shop. I chose to not listen to music via earphones. This small act allowed me to hear something magical .. the music of LIFE. As I sat next to the window enjoying a cup of hot tea next to me was a group of 5 people discussing The Song of Solomon, a couple in the corner laughing, the humming of the espresso machine, the bell telling us all that a new one was amongst us, all awhile the faint sounds of The Shins swirled over to my ears. This experience doesn't really have too much to do with communication but it got me thinking:

There was a day when if you didn't see someone, call or write them you didn't know what was going on in their life. When you did see, call or write it meant something. That time was special. Now with caller id, no one has numbers memorized, you know whose calling before you answer (granted this is handy for screening .. which I don't do often actually) FB keeps us all connected, blogs are outlets for sharing ideas and thoughts... none of these things are bad in of themselves but where did the personalization go? Catching up with an old friend that you haven't been reading their blogs or seeing all the FB post so when you talk to them its actually interesting...


The lack of letter writing. When I moved to Iowa from Texas I wrote letters to my friends back home. Now there are emails .. and while email is necessary to function . I crave the joy of opening a letter to see a few pages of my friend or families thoughts.

Thank you for following my blog over the last few years. It has been really nice to share my new experiences here in Raleigh with you. 2010 is going to bring more change, self improvement, travel, adventure, relationships, connections, and advancing my new business (the most exciting thing in 2009 forming Aqui Estamos Records.) I encourage you to embrace 2010 with me through other means as I will be discontinuing my blogging habit. I will admit this was a really tough decision and it might be hard to not blog since I am used to doing it. I will have to make sure my pen and paper are handy!

Again, Thank you for your encouraging, funny, and loving comments. I hope to see you face to face soon! If you would like a letter from me in 2010 email me your address at



I am always looking for innovated ideas .. something different. I came across this on while messaging our top listeners a Thank You. Their song came on as I was playing the Cashes Rivers radio station.

The World is Listening

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


*a mobile phone pic of a pic makes for great quality :)

My trip to Texas wasn't all bad. We all dressed in white shirts and blue jeans for family pictures, fun! Honestly, at first yes I was like.. seriously I look stupid in pictures do we have too. I spent everyday with my Nanny and stayed at her apartment as well. One of my favorite things to do is to look at her old photos, ones of her newly married, as a child, in high school, pictures of my mom and aunt as kids..her mother and grandmother. So I might be a bit "eek!" when it comes to pictures but maybe one day my grand daughter will be looking through my pictures and saying "Wow look how young you were!" Here is to sibling love minus one (Lora is missing Matt (youngest) Tammy (eldest sister) and Me! SMILE

Sunday, December 27, 2009

It's DONE!!

It's officially done ... my website!!! I am so happy to have a fully functional site. Plus the updating of it is so much easier then iweb. Be sure to sign up for our newsletters. Next up pop up invitations for the Feb 13th showcase, EXCITING!

Friday, December 25, 2009

When I come home

I only dream of you, when I get done screaming at you and my conscience needs to heal.
In the back yard when we were young I learn to throw this sympathy until I get what I need
Now that we started to age I throw out our regrets this way, thinking time will heal change.
Time DOESN'T heal the mistakes we've made.

We drive over the bridge til the lights spread over our heads and the stars begin to blend
When we visit our homes they are disasters we view from a far and wish them all away
Though they're gone the memory stays
And when I come home
I give up
I give up
On you

A few post ago, I talked about feeling down and needing some good news soon. I'm a processor .. it takes me a bit of time to understand what or how a feel about a situation. I tend to paint it out... but I have just been watching season 1 and 2 of Dexter, eating pizza and just not thinking about it. Well my lil brother does what he does best. He put it into a new song. I'm doing a split 7in for the showcase and he was able to visit a recording studio while in Texas (he is actually still in Tx now) He sent me the song last night.

When Matt and I were young we both had some interesting experiences in Texas. This trip was the first time I had been back there since I was 18 and his first time since leaving. He was 6 when we left. He wanted me to take him to all the places he could remember. So the place that causes so much pain in my heart I was now acting as a tour guide for him. We explored old apartments and the memories poured out of both of us. It was so weird. The memories for Matt were so vivid for being so young. I was 14 when we went to Iowa so I expected to remember a lot.... I did. We went into his old daycare where I would pick him up everyday. It hadn't changed. One of the apartments had been damaged but the hurricane last year and boarded up. This was a bummer to both of us as we had a ton of memories there. We stood out on the street and let them come to us instead of going to them. The last apartment we lived in prior to moving to Iowa I was able to look through the window. I didn't see the owners stuff but my mind changed it I almost could see her at the table in the kitchen. The brick didn't block my vision of the upstairs every detail, where furniture was placed, the closet I would lock myself in when my patience wore thin. I think back to us recounting this or that...and the only positive memory was Matt learning how to ride a bike. We went to 4-5 places .. and between both of us.... just one? We don't talk about what happened much .. this was our first time to remember something the we experienced with no one else. We decided not to see the person responsible for so many bad memories although she knew we were there. We gave up on her a long time ago.

The next day I got a call informing me that I didn't get the Chicago job and I was not being considered for a supervisor job back in DSM. I'm completely over my current job and finding it hard to not just pack my bags and live with Aunt Pam and Uncle Jeff. Matt will be moving out in the next year a room will be open. But that is just me not being logical. Something will give soon on the job situation. It has too... Stinkin Matt making me process.

Its a great song, I can't wait to hear it through a needle. Now season 3 of Dexter here I come and maybe a trip to see Sherlock Holmes,

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

It has been decided!

Sir Quilliam Wiggin Pricklington (Garcia)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Name TBA

I am still looking for that perfect name but until I figure it out it's Hedgie, prickley pear paw, and lil guy as nicknames. Here is a little video of Mazer and _______ the hedgehog's first meeting.

Here is a picture just hangin out getting to know everyone.
He is so curious!

Monday, December 21, 2009

I'm going to be a MOMMY!!

Just in time too. I needed some good news real bad. Now don't get all excited and start judging me. It's not like that...
I have decided to add to my pet family. Mazer will have a brother, a hedgehog.
I have not picked out a name so if you have any suggestions, feel free to post a comment. I pick this lil guy up tomorrow. Isn't he cute!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow...

Do you ever just have so much going on you don't know where to start? I wish I was blogging a more positive post, I wont go into too much detail but things have not been going my way lately. I guess you win some and you lose some... I could do with a win ... it's been awhile.... please.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

"I'm 28 and no one can get near me for all the rubbish I'm talking"

I started watching BBC America for the NEW Doctor Who episodes... and came across this lil diddy.
HI-LARIOUS! Serious gut buster!

Here is the link for about 15mins of the show Coupling , I watched the other day. I feel like my awkwardness is just about up there sometimes. I TOTALLY relate to the "I'm rubbish at asking people out" conversation.

Watch until the end... the end had me in stitches.

Man it's chilly, Stayin in, Where's the wine?

A few months back I read one of my favorite books ever. Love is a Mixtape by Rob Sheffield. Seriously this book made me laugh out loud and cry .. really cry. There is a guy out there that loves mucic and gives 120% of himself to a girl, one girl- Renee. Here are a few passages I enjoyed.

"When we die, we will turn into songs, and we will hear each other and remember each other."

It’s the same with people who say, ‘Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.’ Even people who say this must realize that the exact opposite is true. What doesn’t kill you maims you, cripples you, leaves you weak, makes you whiny and full of yourself at the same time. The more pain, the more pompous you get. Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you incredibly annoying."

"When you stick a song on a tape, you set it free."

"But the answer is simple. Love is a mix tape."

"I had no voice to talk with because she was my whole language."

it turned out we had the same favorite Big Star song – the acoustic ballad Thirteen. She’d never heard their third album, Sister Lovers. So naturally, I told her the same thing I’d told every other woman I’d ever fallen for: “I’ll make you a tape!""
(I love this moment in the book and in my life. Its happened just a few times but its one of my best memories!)

"There are all kinds of mix tapes. there is always a reason to make one.

And so..., I am making another mixtape for a new friend. I think this is the best way to get to know someone. I've had 4 people make me a mix in my 28 years, 3 of whom I fancied at one time or another. I on the other had make mixes for many different reasons, I don't have to always fancy em .. but it is more fun when I do.

Here is what I got so far. I'm going for the "man it's chilly, stayin in, where's the wine?" Still working on the art... I might recycle the mixtape drawing I did last time. It was pretty sweet.

My Little Corner of the World - Yo La Tengo
Blue Arrangements- Silver Jews
Treacherous Ways- Pseudosix
She Can't Change- Neva Dinova
The Weight of Lies- The Avett Brothers
My Girlfriend's Boyfriend- Her Space Holiday
Zurich is Stained- Pavement
Sometimes- My Bloody Valentine
A Good Start- Maria Taylor
New Partner- Palace Music
Resurrection Fern- Iron & Wine
Where Have You Been- The Manchester Orchestra
Water From The Same Source-Rachel's *my #1 favorite song of all time.

Update: I stayed with the tape pic. Here it is.

Rise and Shine!

This morning one of the most unusually things happened to me. I am NOT a morning person ... NOT at all! However, this morning at 6:00am , I awoke. I know what you are thinking ... "ok, big deal" My alarm was set for 7:15, I hate the sound of alarms by the way, I woke up well rested and in a good mood all by myself!

Instead of jumping out of bed to start working.. since I stopped working at 10pm last night and still didn't finish what I needed to. I laid in bed... heck I am still laying in bed. What is the rush? The windows are open allowing that crisp morning fall air swirl its way in my room, making my curtains sway. It's relaxing to watch them slow dance. I cuddled with Mazer, read a bit, did the online checking of email, blogs, facebook, and mapped out my trip on Friday.

I have 30 mins before I need to walk across my apartment and step into the crazy, stressful world of underwriting, where my new business queue won't go below 56 no matter how hard I work. Deep breath, I don't want to ruin my morning of zen.

I have 30 mins left. What to do??? I think I will put on a record and make myself breakfast. It IS the most important meal of the day :)

Sunday, November 15, 2009


To my surprise one came just this weekend...

Can you believe it!!! I know, right! AWSOME gift. AND it came with a note so I knew who it was from and why: to help lift my spirits after the horrible day when I got a speeding ticket, didn't get that job and grandmother was rushed to the hospital... she is out and doing better btw. This seemingly small gesture put a huge smile on my face.

Thank you for thinking of me and sending me something that is super cool. NMH is one of my favorite bands. I am currently reading Our Noise the story of Merge Records.. I just finished the chapter about NMH signing on to make In the Aeroplane over the sea. Jeff reading The Diary of Anne Frank in two days and crying for three days after. It's all so interesting how he made this album and now I get to learn about it in even more detail.

THANKS my Chicago friend for the perfect cheering up gift :)

10 is Love

David Tennant has 3 new episodes left before he hangs his chucks up as THE DOCTOR. "The Waters of Mars" airs in the US Dec 12th. YAY!!! This one looks SWEET. The zombie type bad guys ... SCARY. I wonder if it will be as scary as "Blink" That is by far my favorite with the tenth doctor. I am a huge fan. He wins my heart every show. I am going to be sad to see him go.

"I'm the Doctor. I'm a Time Lord. I'm from the planet Gallifrey in the Constellation of Kasterborous. I'm 903 years old and I'm the man who is gonna save your lives and all 6 billion people on the planet below. You got a problem with that?" -fun facts from the episode I watched tonight "Voyage of the Damned"

No Doctor, I DON'T! :-)

It's settled then...

I'm not going to be old!!! I'm going to "run around and does antiques"

Stuck in my head

This song has been stuck in my head for the last few days. Menlo has a EP out now but this song is not on it. It's on the unreleased full length scheduled to be released this spring. Can't wait!


"all I need is a lil reassurance, all I need is to know that you're with us and ohhhhhh oh baby I'll be fine"

Shannon at 7

My sister sent this lil pic to me the other day. It's from my grandfathers funeral guest book. I was about 7 when he past away. It was before Matt was born. This is how I signed my name. HA! I am sure I was very insistent that I had to sign it myself. Look at the "a" and the last "n" ... what?!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

random oscillation

Tonight, like most nights, was pretty low key for me. I find myself bored easily when I go out so I just ... don't. Plus its been rainy and cold all week another reason to stay the heck home. I am really missing home. Thank goodness I will be going back soon for a visit. It might actually be for a few weeks, well broken up but a few weeks nonetheless.

I went to bed about 10, only to be awoken by my phone ringing at 11:30. So now... I am up. Laying here in a chilly room, windows open and my fan on to help drown the drunk girls coming home in their loud heels. Mazer is not having the problem I am with sleeping. He is OUT! Snuggled right next to me looking all cute. I need to kiss his FACE. ok ...

It's weird when you can't sleep how active your brain gets. I don't even think this much during the day. HA! Why is it so hard to turn off the thought machine. It's like a tennis ball machine in my head. Shooting thoughts faster then I can hit them, bouncing off the 4 walls of my mind.

(Side note: If I knew how to ...I thought it would be cool to edit this picture so that my thoughts listed below were actually on the tennis balls. ... well I'm lame and don't know how to . back to it the old fashion way, less creative way.)

Are these thoughts all important and life changing.... NO.

.... my future, my family,I'm hungry
my friends, my love, my career
... my inspiration, my goals, my hobbies
Mazer is still sleeping, the label, the bands releases...
timelines, it's not cold enough in here, January 1, practice space singleness ... , happiness, hopeful and patient,
.....being homesick all the time, interviewing, conversations on repeat
---- why is my phone ringing AGAIN?....
got to love drunk calls and I am serious I do love em. They are the best as long as they don't involve crying or yelling. When was the last drunk dial I made?
I wonder if anyone is playing xbox?
If I get this job should I move to Chicago or wait for a DSM job?
Am I ready to be in DSM? Would it be a better business move?....
Merge Records book is really good. I want to read the MANual for a few laughs.
I don't like games but maybe I should test some out
..... I need to start exercising again, I get to drive to Ohio next Friday
I can't wait to see my sister, its almost 3am good lawd
--- it would be a miracle if the Hawks win, I gotta clean
...................... I want to sit across from a guy and actually find him interesting................
Where are all the cool/ nice /music-loving guys hiding?

I wanna learn to play bass
................I can't wait to have a 5 year celebration for Aqui Estamos Records, I need to get my updated logos
I gotta book a party...why can't I sleep?
Who doesn't like Sara Lee... Nobody doesn't!
Will I ever "grow-up"? I hope not.
......... I want to travel more......
I wonder what Dan is doing in Sweden? I can't believe he is coming back for X-mas. Tab...she's awesome. Their good for eaxh other...
I wanna be good for somebody.
I will.
man I'm actually really hungry. breakfast burrito!!!
I hope Nanny gets better soon. I need to see her.
Sounds of a swings rusty chains are floating in through my window. I need to swing!! Its been too long. ... that's relaxing, my eyes are getting heavy I guess I will try to go to sleep. zzzzzzzzz

Monday, November 9, 2009

Possibly the BEST idea EVER!


Mixtape shirt

Friday, November 6, 2009

chuckle chuckle

I had a pretty bad day yesterday. Bad things come in threes? Well for me they do.

Strike 2 -didn't get that job

Called mom to let her know .. she told me my Nanny was in the hospital

Driving to an agency appointment... GOT a speeding ticket. Normally this would not be THAT big of a deal except I drive a company car and this is my 2nd one in 2 years. Driving School for me most likely and one more... no job. =STRESSED!

Needless to say my eyes were a bit sweaty yesterday. (I'm not crying it just raining on my face)
Today, I'm not 100% but well on my way, THANKS to some awesome friends calling me to talk it out and offering kind loving words on top on my AMAZING family doing the same. My friend, Tab, came over after I declined an invitation to go out for drinks. She brought a bottle of wine and I got three movies. We were both in pj's enjoying the comfy couches while also enjoying the hottie Gael Garcia Bernald on the screen. I LOVE ALL MY FRIENDS/FAMILY ya'll are the best! Especially Dan for making time to call from Sweden!!! Seriously it warmed my heart.

This is the time when its so important to remind myself to laugh ... well Mazer is making that easy today. I am just working away and I look down to find this going on. International Fleet Commander MAZER battles ... DUST PARTICLES!!! HA!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sugar Daddy?


I recently started playing BioShock. It's in my opinion harder then Resident Evil 5. It's got a spectacular view, kinda feels like you are playing a movie. I have had to start over once already because unlike RE5 the missions are not as clear and if you kill someone too soon ... well you are pretty much screwed.

Meet my nemesis:
The Big Daddies are mentally conditioned armed escorts to the Little Sisters (see picture) little girls that are WACK until you either harvest them or save them. I have chosen to save them. They are BAD A@@ too. So far I have encountered 5 of them, dying every time. They rush you like a football player and pretty much wipe you out. The drill... and the rockets.. well it's no easy task my friend to destroy a Big Daddy. I need read that if you have a certain plasma you can make them "friendly" meaning they will attack others for you. I will be looking for that gem of a plasma ASAP!

Overall its a fun game. A bit stressful... and harder then I am used to. I know with a bit of time I too will get the credits rolling.

Monday, November 2, 2009

"I never said it was mine

I was just holding it.

If i was lonely all this time
Well, i didn't know it
And if i tried too hard
I'd probably blow it
The rest is just a guess

If we lost some time
Then we'll make it up

I never said that it was time
I was just hoping it
If i was always on your mind
Well, you didn't show it
But when i'd shut my eyes
You'd always know it
The rest could be the best

And if it's all just luck
It was tough enough
If we lost some time
Then we'll make it up, up

And a heart that grieves
Gets lost in everything
And a heart in need
Finds hope in anything

If it's all just luck
It was tough enough
And if we lost some time
Then we'll make it up,

~Maria Taylor LOST TIME

Don't mess with me!

I have been a single gal now for 3 years. It wasn't until this weekend it actually hit me that ... well I should be better prepared. So to all the bad people out there. Watch OUT! I am now equipped with ammo.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Thrill the world: A tribute to Michael Jackson

Thrill the world: A tribute to Michael Jackson

First off... How the heck did I not hear about this!!!! Second off: I can't believe I didn't hear about this!!!!
I so would have done it! Cuz this is THRILLER!

leggo my logo!

The label is really doing well for not having actually released anything. Here is the new logo.... see it here first :) you don't know him but someone really awesome did it.. I didn't come up with the idea. But I sure love it!

Friday, October 30, 2009

perception of which is evoked

by light having a spectrum dominated by energy with a wavelength of roughly 440–490 nm.

out on the patio... ha I match my painting.

this is my up-do ..the light shows off the range of shades. I love new color time and new cuts. LOVE IT!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

"I am the only one searching for you

and if I get caught
then the search is through.
And the stories you hear, you know they never add up
I hear the natives fussin' at the data chart
Be quiet, the weather's on the night news
Empty homes, plastic cones
Stolen rims, are they alloy or chrome?
Well, I've got style
Miles and miles
So much style that it's wasted

Now she's the only one who always inhales
Paris is stale and it's war if we fail
And in the migrant hotels, they never sleep
They never will
Their souls are crumblin' like a dirt clawed hole
Your cigarette cupped to the inside
Empty homes, plastic cones
Stolen rims, are they alloy or chrome?
Well, I've got style
Miles and miles
So much style that it's leavin'
This pattern's torn and we're weavin'
This pattern's torn and we're weavin' in it"

I was naming my top 5 albums I would take with me on a road trip tonight to a new friend. This EP popped in my head quickly as all 4 songs are amazing. This is weird because I actually don't have the cd any longer. I haven't even thought about it in a few years. I quickly found all the songs online to give them a quick listen and walk down memory lane. So good So good. I just love it when you remember a gem from before and since it's been awhile it's as if you are hearing it for the first time...analyzing lyrics, bass lines, weird chord progressions with mixed random drum fills.

Now to find this on vinyl. I can't wait to see them live next September in NYC. They have been on my list of "wish I could have seen before they broke up"... and now I can!!!

Can you hear me ... NOW

I found out today that my T-mobile contract is up... well actually it ended in May. I had no idea.
The phone I currently have is a piece of poo. It's falling apart.. and will just randomly shut off. Plus people always complain that they don't get my text messages until hours later, sometimes the next day. I used to get upset at people if they didn't text back in a timely manner thinking it rude, I've had to change my thinking on text etiquette. It's no fun steaming about something they didn't even get. So now .. I don't care. Text back ... don't text back. I guess if it was that important I should have just called, right? Ok I am getting off the subject.

Since my plan expired, I "qualify" for a $200 credit towards a new phone. This is the one I am thinking about getting. To me it looks like an Iphone but with a keyboard.

The New 3G Android

Monday, October 26, 2009

She was standing there with MY man

I am in love with this song. Etta James did a fabulous job but Beyonce .. well what can I say. The singing starts about 45 secs in.

"I find myself wondering if the fighting is all worth it...

... Yeah it is!

20 hours 39 mins later....I beat Resident Evil 5 this weekend!!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

"I'm content to walk a little slower

Because there's nowhere that I really need to be"

This is the philosophy I have every time I walk through the automatic red doors of the timeless world of Target. I'm no longer on a schedule. I take time to walk up and down almost all the aisles. Why exactly do I have a love for this store.. not sure, but I assure you Wal-mart gives me the opposite feeling. In and out!!!
Here are a few items that have magically appeared in my red cart I have really enjoyed.

Purex Complete 3-in-1

That is right!!! No more measuring or forgetting the dryer sheet for me. I drop this lil bad boy in... and DONE! Fresh, Clean, Static free laundry. Now I am a single gal that doesn't roll around in the mud (well .. not recently) so my clothes are easy to clean. I am sure a family of 5 wouldn't see the value in this product. I do! I will be adding this item to my regular purchasing habit. There is a dollar off coupon on the link above if you would like to try it for yourself.

Olay Quench Body Wash

Love the skin you are in.... NOW I do!!! My skin is sooooo soft because of these two products. I found the "in-shower" body lotion while in Iowa this last time. It's AMAZING. Perfect for dry winter skin.

Febreze Fall Limited Edition Scents

This spray is making my apartment smell like .. Fall. The trees are burning the sky with all it's glory, the air is crisp in the morning and night, my windows open to allow all that goodness in. This spray has really lifted this to a new level. It's just about better then baking.... but not, there is nothing better then baking in the fall. But until I get to making banana bread, pumpkin pie or apple crisp this will have to do.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

One word...or sound...


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I found this episode of This American Life interesting.

I had no idea how health insurance started in the US and how cute a hedgehog could be.
I think Mazer needs a buddy.... eh? eh?

Monday, October 19, 2009

Locked and Loaded!

So when I am not doing arts and crafts.. this is what I am into.

There is nothing like playing RE on a chilly fall/winter evening. This game rocks so far. The partnership is one of the best ones yet. Sheva isn't annoying....It's hard but not too hard. RE4 I think was harder. There are less puzzles. I really liked the puzzles in the early ones. I might have to say Code Veronica is my favorite. Although the graphics are AMAZING with this game. Is it wrong for me to upgrade my TV so I can enjoy the high quality graphics. Well since I have no funds for purchasing a new TV.. I guess I will have to make due. I rearranged my living room so every piece of furniture would be a good spot to play from. ha... yeah I know don't say it.

I have xbox live (galfunseeker) I can play with others if I chose, so far I have only played Battle Field 1943 with Matt and all his friends. That is pretty fun. I am starting to get the hang of the system/controller. I have always been a PlayStation gal so ... it was slow going. THANKS to my favorite brother for hooking me up with an XBOX and RE5. He really knows how to tug at my heart strings. By far the best gift I have received in ... well YEARS!

Now I have some saving of the world to do! Did you notice the chainsaw guy in the trailer? Yeah... I'm fighting him next. Scary!

My weekend ... projects.

I found myself traveling for work Thursday and Friday in Greenville, SC so I thought since Atlanta is only a few hours away why not stop by and say hi to some friends. I met up with Adam for much needed beverage and catching up. After hanging out in Lil 5 Points for a bit my belly was saying TIME for FOOD! We went to this very cool restaurant R. Thomas. I had a wonderful cup of peppermint tea and portabella mushroom potato with cheese. Hit the spot. After a concert, Hope Sandoval to be exact. Adam scored press passes so I didn't have to shell out 25 bucks, which afterwards and the lack of .. well.. the show was just boring this fact made me more happy. On the other hand, I returned to my car in the R.Thomas parking lot to find it had been broken into. WHAT?! My ipod (now the 2nd one stolen from my car) and my work laptop....GONZO!
The Atlanta thieves are pretty high-tech ... they drilled a little hole in my car door right underneath the handle and keyhole. According to the police, that is so they don't set off the car alarm...well...sneaky sneaky. This pretty much killed my evening. We headed to meet up with peeps at another establishment but I just wasn't in the mood. I headed to Malissa's place to rest my head and was greeted by all kinds of loving from her dog. After spending some awesome cuddling time with this guy:

Chaplin is Malissa's dog. She let me crash on her couch saving me mucho dollars. He is just so friendly, made me miss Mazer.
I decided to cut my trip short and head back home Saturday. I am glad I did as it gave me some time to clean, rearrange my place and do a bit of arts/crafts. Perfect fall activities. Here is one of my accomplishments on Sunday.
A fall headband!

Close up!

I also did this one but the picture is blurred a bit. I still need to get a headband or clip to attach it to. Super CITED to wear my new funky creations.

As all in all my weekend was pretty good. Those clever thieves didn't get me down for very long. Now.. do I buy "another" ipod or just keep with cd's in the car... that is another blogging topic in of itself.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Movie SIGN!!!!

Today I am going to spend the afternoon watching movies. Popcorn with peanut m&m's in it .. check, large refreshing Cherry Coke ... check and my most comfy movie watching clothes that are suitable for public... check! Here is what I plan to see:

1:00pm - "Who says you need to buy a guitar" I love that line and well Jack White is freakin cool!

4:05pm I am a sucker for romantic period dramas. I also love looking at the costumes. So much thought goes into every piece. Plus I need a little romance in my life and for 2 hours I will have it. "Three such days with you I could fill with more delight than fifty common years could ever contain." *sigh* That is what I am talking about!

I am not sure if I will spring for 3 movies but if I do...

Here is what I am debating on seeing:

I really love fashion (Devil Wears Prada) I loved that movie. It was loosely based off of Ann Wintor. She is a strong successful woman. I am trying to be the same (outside of the fashion world).


Ellen Page is just sooo cute and awesome!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Guess who has two thumbs and new glasses?


I love my new glasses! They are lightweight and fit really well. I gave complete trust in the guy that works at the eye care center. A little over a year ago he helped me pick out my current glasses. I loved those too! I got sooo many compliments on them. This time around I told him, you pick. He had me try on about 20 pairs. This pair was the winner. I am totally sold on the square frames for my face shape. This new pair is actually metal. They are very similar but still very different from my current frames. I got my lenses replaced on those so now I will have two nice pair of glasses to chose from in the morning. The picture below with the green shirt... I still have those, they are my bedtime glasses.

I pulled a few pictures to show the evolution of my glasses. Here we go a walk thru memory lane.

16 yrs old


25 yrs old

26 yrs old

28 yrs old

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Insert Sad Face

I didn't get that job..... sigh.

Did you know?

A friend shared this video with me. "Heard Maria Taylor's song and thought of you"
I really love her voice. This video is super cute and well ...
"I'm not as fragile as I thought"

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Why the long face?

I am back from an AWESOME trip to Iowa. Spent some much needed time establishing Aqui Estamos Records in the community, connected with old friends, met some really cool new friends and managed to rock out Friday and Saturday night. I will post pictures soon I am waiting on Caboose to get some to me as I used his new camera for the shows. It's good to be home in Raleigh though. I am growing fond of this place.

Today I ventured to Kinston, NC for an agency visit. This agency is one of my favorites (all gals) they really get me laughing. At lunch, I was the last one to the table. One of the CSR's was sitting there with a very serious expression.. So I asked "What's on your mind, everything ok". She said " I was just thinking that I need to get you a date since you aren't very good at it." HA ... Ha and HA again. This was not the reply I was expecting. Touching really that she would be so focused on that thought. She proceeds to tell me about how she met her boyfriend and that he was the first person she dated after her divorce and they have been together 3 years.

Here it is for everyone that wants to get me a date. THANKS! Really I do appreciate it. It would be nice to go on a date. A real one NOT a "let's hang out" thing BUT a "pick me up at 7, both dressed up, go to dinner, talk about things that give you the butterflies and the thought oh OH..I'm in trouble, walk arm in arm, say goodnight with a kiss that lifts your foot like in the movies" date. Is this too much to ask? Ok, I am really awkward with guys that I fancy but I am also picky. I don't want to settle, I won't settle for less than being treated like a princess. I have a lot to offer I just have to find the right person to offer it to.

This little conversation made me laugh but also think. "I believe the love I give will return to me" don't punch me in the face for quoting a JM song but I really do find comfort and truth in that verse. I have LOVE and HOPE and well .. that's a start.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Mix

I made this mix for a new friend. I really like the artwork ... it turned out to look kinda like a tape. I wasn't so sure starting off.

"Shut the Punk Indie kid did WHAT?!" mix by Me

I've Got Friends -Manchester Orchestra
Wire and Wool -The Envy Corps
I'm Making Eyes At You -Black Kids
She Can't Change -Neva Dinova
Zurich Is Stained -Pavement
The Weather -Built To Spill
A Good Start -Maria Taylor
The Rhythm Method (Move!) -Flobots
Soft As Snow (But Warm Inside) -My Bloody Valentine
Autumn Sweater -Yo La Tengo
Sleeping Lessons -The Shins
Happy When It Rains -The Jesus & Mary Chain
Easy/Lucky/Free -Bright Eyes
A Million Shards -Pseudosix

Monday, September 14, 2009

Be still my heart

I came across this Postal Service song a few months. I had never heard it before, it is currently on repeat. If you are a Postal Service fan or DC4C you should check out this song.

"But I could not recall
A more perfect fall
Cause when I looked up into your eyes
It didn't hurt at all.

And I thought, be still my heart
This could be a brand new start, with you.
And it will be clear
If I wake up and you're still here with me in the mornin"

I'm not sure if he is referring to a returning love, I interpret as finding a new love. My favorite line "when I look up into your eyes it didn't hurt at all" That completely clean slate with someone you've just met and fancy, it's refreshing. You have the opportunity to give your heart, if you chose. It beats harder and fast knowing there are no past wounds created by this person. "This could be a brand new start." I love these lyrics. He has a way of expressing the most complex feelings so simply.

I found this video on youtube, it's super cute

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

In my lil corner of the world

August was packed with fun filled activities. I made my first trip to Gainesville, Fl and even got a pretty sweet tour of the Gators playground including locker room and workout areas. A day after my return I picked Matt up from the airport and we drove to NYC. Spent a few days taking it all in, especially the ever so carefully crafted cheese pizza. YUM! Seriously, if you have never been to NYC this is the reason you should go. It is life changing! We headed back and I gave him the grand tour of my stomping grounds including a house party and a trip to the beach for some old fashion crabbing. We had a blast. Since Matt's visit I have been chillin low key. Not much exciting going on just the normal day-to-day awesomeness that is Shannon.

I am really looking forward to /excited about/can't freakin wait for the following:

This Friday I, like everyone else, have an anniversary of my existence. I will be honest and say since about 23, I haven't looked forward or been happy about turning a year older. It seemed to be a constant reminder of how much my life was NOT what it was suppose to be at that age. Heck, the week I turned 25 I wore all black to work. Yep.

With that being said, I am not at all mourning the passing of another year. I'm actually looking forward to turning 28. I was chatting with my sister today about this subject. I am going to be 28... getting closer to 30 and its awesome! The fact is: At 28, I have a lot of great things in my life. I am blessed to have great family, friends, a good job, I started a record label, I have the most adorable dog in the world, I have no drama, don't stress about money, have the freedom to travel (which I love), smile everyday, my mended heart is ready, I live in a cool town with a stand up music scene, make new friends all the time, my brother ROCKS and most importantly people read my blog! What's that popular saying? Life is Good. I think it should be life is GREAT! So this year, is the first year in a really long time that I have been reminded of my life so far and thought ...
"I wouldn't change it." And that's the most amazing feeling.

I have been trying to catch one of these shows since it started a month ago. This weekend is the last chance I have. It seems really interesting, a bit different than your everyday activity. What I understand of this production is they have large paper puppets perform to live music. I must witness this before it is over. Friday and Saturday it will be in Raleigh. I am excited about going!

Yo La Tengo

Show!!! Can't Freakin Wait! I have listened to them since I was 15 and still love em. I will be seeing them live in Durham on the 18th. It is a sit down show, which is weird but they totally rock my world so I am sure it will be fine. Since it is a sit down show, I bought two tickets when they first went on sale thinking "by then I surely will know someone who likes them also that will go with me" hmmmm I have a week to meet and then invite this person. I better go to plan B. I went to She & Him solo at a sit down concert and thought "I don't want to do that again" but if I have to -so be it. I will not miss one of my favorite bands because I don't have a concert buddy. Here is a great write up of how awesome they are... way better then I could ever express in words. And then nothing turned itself inside out
If you haven't listened to Yo La Tengo .. DO. They have a new album out that I haven't heard yet but if you want to pick up "I can hear the heart beating as one" Its on my top 5 favorite albums.


I am dusting off my bloomers, bodice, and all my wrench gear on the 19th. I am flying into KC to meet Leah for a weekend of tomfoolery. We will be attending, in costume, the KC Renaissance Festival. I haven't been for a few years and am itching to go. I love dressing up and this gives me a perfect excuse to. Yes, people think it is nerdy but I don't care. I have soooo much fun. I plan on getting a new costume this year. You will have to wait for my posting of pics to see what I decided on.


I will be Des Moines 6 whole days. I haven't had a full week back in awhile. The last few trips have been short ones. This trip will be a mix of work for Aqui Estamos Records and seeing people. But MOST EXCITING is Cashes Rivers headlines The DogTown Fest. This is his first festival that he is the main act. I have been told the set is going to rocking/amazing/make you poo your pants better bring a change of clothes. I not only get to see family, friends, go to my favorite eateries and drinkeries ... I get to rock out!

Whew...that takes me to the end of September. WOW! I can't wait!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Just Cook This!

I have found a new cooking show that not only has awesome healthy dishes but I am IN LOVE with Sam. Sam is crazy... he is real, makes corny jokes and uses a lot of gestures. Most of all makes me laugh. Seriously, every show I have seen so far I have wholehearted giggled at least once. Did I mention his dishes are AMAZING! tasty and easy. I found the man of my dreams and he cooks! (ok so he's not the man of my dreams but he is very entertaining to watch)

Check out Sam on FitTV Just Cook This.

"After all this is Discovery Health. This is not Discovery (Not) Health or Discovery Candy bar" HA!

Monday, September 7, 2009

I want

this book real bad. Our Noise The Story of Merge Records
It comes out in a few weeks. I can't wait.

Lyrics and Me part 1M

I always analyze lyrics, always. They are the most important thing to me in a song. Some listen for voice, guitar.. beat... etc. I, lyrics. A voice can be less than desirable but if the lyrics are solid I can see past that and the beauty of it all emerges. I was cleaning today with my iTunes on random when a few songs came on that I have not heard in a while. I found myself not only analyzing the lyrics but myself today .. all while cleaning the dishes by hand (dishwasher broke)I I find my mind wonders a lot these days. Reader's what do we have behind door number 1 : It's self reflection time!!! Oh well, heck, why not!?

Rachel's - Last Things Last
This band is remarkable. I have 3 of their albums, in fact, Waters From the Same Source is on my top 5, all time favorite songs. IT might just be number 1. This song stuck out today mainly because I have not actually taken time to listen to the lyrics before today. "Last things last is not enough, You can't accept this, Don't give in just yet" The lyrics are pretty simple but I found a bit of truth in them. Maybe it is because of my own personal experiences and the changing within but instead of hearing this song today and feeling sad, I felt a glow. This song is tender and extremely moving at the same time strong. "to hold on so you don't break" I think everyone applies songs differently depending on when they hear them. I used to cry to this song not realizing what it was actually saying to me. It's a good thing I had friends and family saying the same thing. They were right... just hold on and time will heal. I have a few cuts and bruises still but those are fading fast.

Bright Eyes- Bowl of Oranges
Enough said , Right! Come on it's Bright Eyes and until recently the kid could not write a bad song if he tried. This song is definitely my theme song for 2009. Here is how I apply it to me. "Everything seemed different and completely new to me" It's weird how this just happens. It really is as if one day POOF you are different. This actually took place towards the end of 2008, but the feeling of walking around in life with a care free smile without the weight of hurt/sadness on your chest, noticing things, people, places you hadn't before has really come to fruition this year. Think 500 Days of Summer.

Now, I know better then to think this transformation took place overnight."So that is how I learned the lesson that everyone is alone. And your eyes must do some raining if you are ever going to grow."I have come through some pretty deep stuff. Thinking it would NEVER get better, I would NEVER be happy, I would NEVER be in love again (again), I will always be alone. I know now for certain you should NEVER say NEVER. Show me one person that at one time or another has not felt alone. I only feel alone now because of choice. I did my fair share of watering my face over the last few years. It's been such a long time since I have cried, I actually can't recall. I do have a more positive outlook on life, me and the future. It's going to okay, it always was, I just had to let it.

"But if the world could remain within a frame like a painting on a wall. Then I think we would see the beauty then. We would stand staring in awe at our still lives posed like a bowl of oranges, like a story told by the fault lines and the soil." Yes, there are some things I wish I hadn't done but in the big picture, looking back at my life's still- It's BEAUTIFUL even with its uneven lines and cracks in the paint. I wouldn't be me today if hadn't been for yesterday and I can't wait until tomorrow.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

My weekend project

I am new at the guitar and I will say it is not as easy as it looks. I have such a hard time keeping the rhythm and singing. Here is the song I worked on this weekend. I still have a bit of practicing to do, but I am happy it came together this quickly. 3 days! This takes me up to 3 songs I can play!! (I say play loosely) For those that actually play the guitar... don't laugh.
Modest Mouse -Trailer Trash

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Oh YEaaaaa, shoes

New shoes!!! and to top it off I got a pocket on the side with a zipper. PIMP
Matt and I got these in NYC 2 for 50 bucks. Heck YEAH! His are black and gray equally as PIMP. Gotta love the ROO's.

I am something else

I have lived in my apartment building for almost 18 mths. My community is full of young people. I see them getting their mail and coming/going. FYI, my patio faces the mail building. Everyone says when I tell them I live here "That is a great place to meet young people, you prolly have a lot of friends there" ha nope. The neighbors I have ... I don't really have because I haven't actually spoken to them. I stay to myself and when I see people in the halls I will sometimes say hi and look right back down to my feet. Since I have been out of the office environment, where you have to walk with a confident smile and greet just about everyone, its all about networking. ha! I have gone back to what feels natural and although it might surprise you, I am shy around new people. Plus, the girls that I see here are pretty much the opposite of me. Well dressed ALL the time. (don't get me wrong I have my well dressed moments) Even in the workout room! I feel like a slob in my old t's and cut off sweat pants. I don't dare go to the "party" pool on the weekends. It might end up being a scene from a movie were as I walk in the pool area all the "pretty" girls turn and look at me point and start laughing. Ok so that's a bit of an extreme, you get the point. I'm different.
So today, I was coming up the stairs after taking Mazer out (just before that I worked out=gross looking in my old clothes) and out of the door, across the hallway from my door, steps my neighbor. Just last week this same guy was going up the stairs with a surf board as I was trying to go down. I just stepped aside and said "Looks like you have your hands full, go ahead." Today I thought I should introduce myself, he is my neighbor. So I say
"We seems to keep meeting like this. I'm your neighbor, Shannon. (extend hand, thanks corporate america) He laughs and says "Hi Shannon, I'm John"
Now this is a great stopping point to smile and go inside my door like most people would NOOOooooooooo not me.
I continue: This is Mazer. He looks down and says "Hi Mazer ... He got a hair cut" again good time to say "yes he did" Nope I say and this is why I am blogging about this pointless conversation "HA Yes I cut it myself. See, I thought it would be funny if I shaved his body and kept his hair on his head long, so he could look like a lion (here is my favorite line trying to save myself from realizing TMI) I have way too much free time." BAM! "I have too much free time?!" I might as well of told this perfect stranger that I can't seem to find a date, go to movies solo and sit at home most Friday nights (including last night) playing guitar, drums, drawing and doing whatever other none social thing I do. Next time I think I will keep to the "Hi" with a quick glance up and back to my shoes.

I met my neighbor John today. - The End

Message from a Stranger

I have two subjects to share with you today. First, I have a new hobby. Well, I am not sure if is considered a hobby per say... here it is.
I started collecting old books. I was in Ashville, NC and went to a little used book store. I would not say I am a "reader" I like a book once in awhile but not nearly like some of my friends. When exploring a new town I search for vintage shops, records stores and used book stores. They usually are in close proximity of each other. While strolling the aisle, I came across a small blue faded book. The spine worn so that the blue was barely there showing the tan base of the cover. On a faded blue back ground there etched in gold DAVID COPPERFIELD -DICKENS. Awesome an old Dickens book, is there really any other way to read Dickens?
I opened the book carefully as it felt so fragile in my hands to find a delicate handwritten message:

To Edith
Christmas 1935
from Olga

At this very moment, as my eyes glanced over this small message. I felt something, a warm feeling, my heart was beating a bit deeper. My eyes stopped on this page as my mind started to wonder. Who were these people? Did they live in NC? Was this one of Edith's favorite books? Were they friends or sisters? How great of a gift, a book! I never give books as a gift. And what a wonderful idea to write the date that the book was gifted. I have to have this book!

This was my first purchase and the start of collecting something that once was special to someone. A gift given or a book they purchased, read, loved it or hated it but decided to at least write their name in it. I have decided to write my name and date of purchase in them as well. So maybe one day a gal like me, living life trying to find her place in the world will walk into a used book store pick up a random old book and get butterflies in her stomach thinking of how this book was a part of someone's life, sat in a corner or on a table as life was happening around it.

Secondly, I recently went to my favorite vintage shop and decided to browse their books. I found two amazing books. The Collected Works of Emile Zola. It had a name JR something "I can't read the last name dated 1924 Richmond, VA . But as I am typing this I found a worn sticker with a beautiful sketch of a tree and a name typed out J.R.Cosimini.
The other book didn't have any writing, I just like the way it looked, smelled and how the crisp brown pages felt between my fingers. This is the book I am currently reading and also the reason for my sharing with you today of my book collecting. I was laying on my couch in my pj's this morning, listening to the Rachel's on vinyl, reading this book Message from a Stranger. It's a story about a lady who has passed away but is stuck in the "in between" and is watching her friends and family mourn and move on with their lives after she is gone. She is discussing how during these visits she doesn't really have emotions other then anxiety for whom she loves to help them or not so much an emotion but a reaction of being confronted with the complete pattern of her own life. I came across this passage and read it a few times, it just hit something, a truth maybe. I leave you with this.

"How merciful, too, was the illusion we create, the rationalization we make, to prove to ourselves that we are really better than we are. In this way do people compose their faces before they look into the mirror. In this way are people shocked when they are confronted, unprepared, by their image in a window or in an unexpected mirror. 'That is a stranger,' is their first thought; and only later, 'My God, that is ME'
And so, in the words and thoughts of the living and in the still-adhesive memories of my life, these self-illusions, so carefully maintained, dissolved into thin air; and there stood the full, illuminated image, without shadow or nimbus, of a woman bearing my name."

Thursday, August 27, 2009


I met Bradley in Atlanta and hung out with him once. He is a very interesting person with many layers of which I only witnessed a few. He reminded me A LOT of a old friend I had when I was 15-17 years old. Since our meeting, we have really only been communicating via FB. This past week he has been posting video questions. It's a great way to share thoughts on a subject and see others as well. I have been enjoying them. So Bradley's question today was

"Does your hometown care?"

I thought this to be a really good question. Many of us, being the age group we are, no longer live in the town we grew up. Maybe we moved to attend a college and never went back, moved to live near family, or just wanted to get the heck outta dodge. I am a mixture of two reasons and have two hometowns. One of which, I have nothing to do with ... other than talking to family. I don't even visit that often, I make them come to me. Texas is a weird state.. I try to stay away from it, I might get shot. I do have very fond memories of my old friends there and since FB and Myspace has made this a small world, I have found my closest friends. We don't talk much, but I can see that they all have kids, married and just enjoying life. I am so happy for them. It's nice to see people whom you spent a great amount of time during those years where everything was a new experience, they helped build your character, laugh, cry with and just be a kid exploring life doing well.

Now there is my second hometown: Des Moines Ia,
This is going to take awhile... I will update this later tonight... I just got this idea and my fingers where on fire... but I have a call to take... dang work!

* ok back to my thoughts. finally.
Iowa- (in contrast to Texas) I have put forth WAY more effort to visit and stay in contact with everyone in DSM. So my reply to Bradley was: The question isn't "Does your hometown care" but should be "Do you care about your hometown" REMEMBER: you chose to leave. I think that puts a bit more responsibility on your part to stay connected. Now, if you put forth the effort and get nothing back .. that is another story. There are a few people in Iowa that, for whatever reason, just don't keep in touch, call me back or reply to emails. Those people I still consider friends but not as close as they once were. I figure life has moved them forward and don't take it personal but I do miss them so that makes me a bit sad. Then there are people I guessed would forget about me once I was gone, I have been pleasantly surprise and our friendship has grown because of it. The ones that I hear from less often, it still is a special treat to get that email, text or hear their voice on the phone. All in all, I love my Iowa hometown and hope to move closer one day. I am blessed to say the least to have such great friends and family. Thanks for reading my ramblings ... until next time.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What made me laugh today

I found myself cracking up today while watching this cartoon called Phineas and Ferb. I have seen this show once before and thought it was pretty clever. I love the fact Phineas' head is a triangle. Both these songs were in the same episode which is about the doctor "breaking up" with Perry the Platypus for Peter the Panda from Seattle because he feels its time for them to see other nemesis. Oh poor Perry ...

notice the pointing motion he does... like ... "you really got me this time, YOU" ha!

And the second video's beach scene ... priceless.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Swell Season

I post a song off their new album a few post back. I found this today NPR Desk Concerts.
I would love to see em live. Maybe this year...

Mazer Tricks

I made this video for my lil bro. He has been sick ..102 temp for the last few days.

Don't forget to

Monday, August 24, 2009

I like

Here are few songs I have enjoyed. I guess my musical taste is craving the cool crisp air of fall. It's my favorite!

Swell Season has a new single out. Listen
"Maybe I was born to hold you in these arms"

The Avett Brothers are from NC. I really like their stuff. This is also a new single. Listen
"Three words that became hard to say... I and love and you"

I have not heard of Cadillac Sky before finding this popular cover. I like!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Worthy of me talking in my high pitched excited voice

First off, let me just say I've been a lazy blogger these days. I will try to be better. One thing is for sure, it's not because of lack of excitement and adventure. Matt has been visiting for the past few weeks. I have had a terrific time. He leaves tomorrow... insert pouty lip.

I wanted to share with you today one of the most amazing things that has happened to me this year. It was a normal lazy vacation day, I awoke and decided I needed to check my mail. In my little mailbox... a package. hmmm I didn't order anything? Did someone steal my personal information to make purchases? Upon entering my apartment ... I open the package. ... a book, a children's book at that. There is no note or anything with the book. Just an invoice with my name on it. I did notice a contact email address: bneumayer. FOILED! Sweet my friend sent me a book. My old dog was named Mitchell maybe that is why he sent me this book. I open the book and start reading it to my brother.

"SO Long, SO Long everything! he shouted
Then he ran next door to Margo's house.
I'm moving he said
where? asked Margo.
Two weeks away said Mitchell.
Where is that? asked Margo
It's everywhere I will be after I walk for two weeks said Mitchell.
I have lived in the same place for a long time, it is time for me to go someplace else"

Can you guess why my friend sent me this awesome kids book and as soon as I got to the second line of the story I started reading in my excited high pitched voice?? Then realizing how AWESOME of a friend I have. THANKS BUDDY!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

New Crush

I am doing some much needed NPR listening today. All Songs Considered being my focus..with a few others thrown in as well. I came across this Studio Session of a 27 year old 12 string guitarist. What blows my mind is he just started playing when he was 21... Just listen ... you might get a bit of a crush as well. OK so his finger nails are gross but just don't look at em.

Oh yeah... It's ME

I got this text message last night from my sister. HA ... LOVE IT! The hair makes me chuckle. I bet I spent a lot of time and stressed out way too much to have my hair just right for school pictures. Oh to be young again.. actually nah, I'm cool at 27.

This one is a bit blurry but I couldn't help myself. Shannon as a baby..all together now Awww!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

You are the reoccurring kind, you never really leave my mind

This Saturday morning was like many others... No alarm clock, just the joy of having a free day. I open my eyes to see the cutest little guy ever,Mazer. He melts my heart sometimes, especially when he is more tired then I am. We both stretch and welcome the day. I start running ideas of what I would like to do, Merge festival, farmers market (I need my milk,eggs and bread for the week) vintage store shopping, and the much needed cleaning. Dang it, cleaning has to be first. Aight. I am on my patio sweeping and watering my plants when I stop ... think about this painting I did almost 3 years ago when I took a summer painting class. I have always liked the flowers on that painting but couldn't do anything interesting with the plate. I put everything down right where I am standing because I have an idea. I find the painting tucked behind a few others on the floor. This is why I never throw anything away, even if I hate it. You just never know when your creative self will fully understand the piece that you started. Now, granted for me most often it has to do with ability or lack of it. It too takes time and you can always improve your technique then go back to finish what you were trying to do to begin with... I am rambling now. The point: I was able to actually finish a painting after 3 years. It will be going on my art wall or patio art as soon as it dries. I am proud of it.. It is truly a piece of me over the last 3 years and its complete.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

It's Black, Its White..Yeah YEAH!

A few friends and I went to a Black and White party. Hmmmm a party that I can dress up?! FABULOUS!
I really wanted to go 90's ska.. checkereds, suspenders..little black fendora. Well, below it appears I didn't come across like that AT ALL. More like school girl/teacher/I don't know. Either way, we had an AWESOME night. I got to meet some new people and danced the night away. The bonus of the night was an MJ tribute ... seriously this could not be a better mix of my favorite things.