Thursday, April 30, 2009

I love NOFX and you should too!

I have a tender place in my heart for punk rock music. NOFX is a bit crude. Fat Mike sings rough and off tune sometimes. They are one of my favorite punk bands. 

In fact, Punk and Drublic makes my top 5 all time albums. Over the years their lyrics have evolved to focus more on political/ social issues  however they never cease to entertain me with funny lyrics. 

Listen to the song Creeping out Sara and tell me you didn't chuckle once.... 
It's about Tegan and Sara. This song is off of their new release "Coaster" out now. 

Cashes Rivers in Juice

Cashes Rivers appeared in Juice magazine this week. Check it out!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

True loving feelings...

Here are a few pictures from my trip to IA. I lost my camera a few months ago so I have to rely on others for pics. 


Searching for Treasure

I made a much needed trip to Goodwill today. Boy am I glad I did! Looky what I found. Summer time is going to be bearable knowing I have these little guys in the freezer. 

Now, who wants to join me for a tasty beverage? Cheers!

A string of unfortunate happenings...

They say bad things come in three's ... there might be some truth to this. 

Thursday: Appointment in Jacksonville go out to the car...window busted - gps and ipod stolen

Friday am: Work computer broke (fan problems) I have a ton of work to do this weekend... sigh 
oh well I have appointments today so I can just focus on them. Go down to the car... tire flat. 

I guess I should just go back to bed and try getting out on the other side. 

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Manchester Orchestra "Mean Everything to Nothing" out today!!

Ha... another excuse to talk about one of my favorite bands. If you have followed my blogs, gotten a mix cd or talked to me over the past 2 years you know that I am a fan. 

Their first full length released in 2005, Like a Virgin Losing a Child, made my heart skip.  I randomly found a gem of musical delight in a cd store... Borders, none the least. Thanks to whom ever for putting them on the listening station. I won't go into it ... yet again but if you like AWESOME music this is a must have cd.

I have been eagerly awaiting the 2nd full length and well ... TODAY is the day. I woke up this morning and purchased it online. Most, if not all the songs are on their Myspace for your listening pleasure. 

I get caught up in the high tones and strain in his voice attached to a looping of lyrics that require you to stop and think a moment. "I feel the exact way some times" I have seen these guys a few time in NC and IA. They put on a GREAT show. I will be making the drive to Athens tomorrow to see them play in their home state. I can't wait!

Here is one of my favorite songs by them -video

BIG SMILE!! until next time...

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Adventures of Dr. McNinja

With a name like this how can you resist? 
Dr. McNinja will incapacitate you with his glare then check your vitals as a courtesy.

This one is funny .. Dr.McNinja vs McDonalds

Saturday, April 18, 2009

New way of thinking

I have decided to try being a vegetarian. This decision came rather quickly as I was talking to a new friend about PETA. They recently asked the band The PetShop Boys to change their name to Rescue Shelter Boys, ha. 

This topic lead to the fact that PETA really doesn't care about the name of the band they just want the press. Press leads to awareness of their cause. People in turn visit the website and watch the awful videos. I watched them a year ago and after that decided only free range organic chicken eggs for me. Also, I started buying organic non-commercial dairy farm milk. 
I started to defend why I eat meat and the only real reason I had was : I like it! Good enough for me but I started thinking... why not? Why not not eat meat? I think I will try it.
I am not going to become vegan, I will still eat cheese but I am cutting out chicken, eggs, beef, pork, and maybe fish. My friend says he tries to not eat anything with eyes, so that leaves out fish. I am not sure I can be that hard core but we will see. (ha)

Today I went shopping for my new way of eating. It is different indeed. There are a lot of replacement meat products. I did not get them this time around as I really want to see if I crave meat first. I did get soymilk to try. I am not cutting out dairy but thought this would be a good time to try it out. I stocked up on veggies, rice, black beans, fruits, almonds and feta cheese. I only bought enough for the week that way nothing goes bad before I can use it. If you have any vegetarian recipes let me know. 

Random Thoughts part dos

I wish I’d never kissed you 

I regret being His 

I prayed time would heal, it did

I wonder where I would’ve been if

we'd turned left

I’m sorry paper filled the room

Scattered memories torn in two

Your love dropped  

slid right into pain

Circles even now through my veins

You thought I wasn’t there

Who really is


Those tears created our fear 

I’ve done everything to let you know

Now you’re not there

Who really is

Random thoughts like this are ...just that, let them be

Past thoughts saying Hi..

The weight of these thoughts won’t keep me on the ground 

with a little help I won’t remember what brought me down 

back and forth , kick and push 

the harder I try the higher I fly 

These thoughts of you ,of me ,of us 

what used to be , what could've , should have ... been

I didn’t need your words then, I won’t need your hand now, 

I don’t need you anymore

Head back, close my eyes, 

release that last tear one last time  

back and forth kick and push 

the more I try the higher I fly

I wasted so much love but now, my love ,now 

oh im off , im off 

I’m smilin high

with each pass the ground gets farther 

I can feel them , I can see it... all in a matter of time 

back and forth, kick and push 

the harder I try the higher I fly

I didn’t need your words , I won’t need your hand, I don’t need you anymore

I won’t let go not this time

I won’t let them

let you 

keep me on the ground. 

Friday, April 17, 2009

Been feeling sentimental for days gone by

Advance warning... FEELINGS below...

The last few days have been really stressful. Work mostly, lack of sleep, my car being broken into... I recently spent a bit of time with people in relationships, including my brother and his galfriend. In general, this is not a problem. It was on the way back from a concert when this feeling hit me like a ton O bricks. Loneliness.

I can't shake the feeling of missing out on something. That look that person gives you across the room, a tender moment, laughing in bed until you can't breathe, walking arm in arm (I like that more so then holding hands while walking), looking forward to being around someone even if you are just sitting around listening to music.... warm fuzzies, ya know.
I haven't really let this get to me, I am for the most part content with my single situation. 
But the last few days... sigh ... 

"So when I'm lost in a crowd, I hope that you'll pick me out
I long to be found ...

Guess I'll just keep moving, someday maybe ...
I'll get to where I'm going."

The best things in life are free..

For a little over a year now I have been a "blogger".( I use that term very loosely)
I started blogging for two reasons... others I knew were and for 2: I was moving 17 hours away. 
I thought it would be a good way to let everyone know "What was REALLY goin on?!" according to me. If they didn't want to call I was only a mouse click away. 

When I purchased a MACBOOK (my first laptop, I love it!) I signed up for the account, they then changed it over to mobileme, creating all kinds of problems. This resulted in a lot of time on the phone with random IT guys trying to figure out why my blog was no longer posting or allowing comments. AND I PAY for this service? I had to start a new blog and lost all my past entries. I decided then, in all my angst, that I would no longer pay to be crapped on.

So here I am blogging on a free site. Let me tell you, it's pretty nice. Very easy to use...and did I mention FREE! 

It's nice to be part of this community!