Sunday, August 30, 2009

My weekend project

I am new at the guitar and I will say it is not as easy as it looks. I have such a hard time keeping the rhythm and singing. Here is the song I worked on this weekend. I still have a bit of practicing to do, but I am happy it came together this quickly. 3 days! This takes me up to 3 songs I can play!! (I say play loosely) For those that actually play the guitar... don't laugh.
Modest Mouse -Trailer Trash

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Oh YEaaaaa, shoes

New shoes!!! and to top it off I got a pocket on the side with a zipper. PIMP
Matt and I got these in NYC 2 for 50 bucks. Heck YEAH! His are black and gray equally as PIMP. Gotta love the ROO's.

I am something else

I have lived in my apartment building for almost 18 mths. My community is full of young people. I see them getting their mail and coming/going. FYI, my patio faces the mail building. Everyone says when I tell them I live here "That is a great place to meet young people, you prolly have a lot of friends there" ha nope. The neighbors I have ... I don't really have because I haven't actually spoken to them. I stay to myself and when I see people in the halls I will sometimes say hi and look right back down to my feet. Since I have been out of the office environment, where you have to walk with a confident smile and greet just about everyone, its all about networking. ha! I have gone back to what feels natural and although it might surprise you, I am shy around new people. Plus, the girls that I see here are pretty much the opposite of me. Well dressed ALL the time. (don't get me wrong I have my well dressed moments) Even in the workout room! I feel like a slob in my old t's and cut off sweat pants. I don't dare go to the "party" pool on the weekends. It might end up being a scene from a movie were as I walk in the pool area all the "pretty" girls turn and look at me point and start laughing. Ok so that's a bit of an extreme, you get the point. I'm different.
So today, I was coming up the stairs after taking Mazer out (just before that I worked out=gross looking in my old clothes) and out of the door, across the hallway from my door, steps my neighbor. Just last week this same guy was going up the stairs with a surf board as I was trying to go down. I just stepped aside and said "Looks like you have your hands full, go ahead." Today I thought I should introduce myself, he is my neighbor. So I say
"We seems to keep meeting like this. I'm your neighbor, Shannon. (extend hand, thanks corporate america) He laughs and says "Hi Shannon, I'm John"
Now this is a great stopping point to smile and go inside my door like most people would NOOOooooooooo not me.
I continue: This is Mazer. He looks down and says "Hi Mazer ... He got a hair cut" again good time to say "yes he did" Nope I say and this is why I am blogging about this pointless conversation "HA Yes I cut it myself. See, I thought it would be funny if I shaved his body and kept his hair on his head long, so he could look like a lion (here is my favorite line trying to save myself from realizing TMI) I have way too much free time." BAM! "I have too much free time?!" I might as well of told this perfect stranger that I can't seem to find a date, go to movies solo and sit at home most Friday nights (including last night) playing guitar, drums, drawing and doing whatever other none social thing I do. Next time I think I will keep to the "Hi" with a quick glance up and back to my shoes.

I met my neighbor John today. - The End

Message from a Stranger

I have two subjects to share with you today. First, I have a new hobby. Well, I am not sure if is considered a hobby per say... here it is.
I started collecting old books. I was in Ashville, NC and went to a little used book store. I would not say I am a "reader" I like a book once in awhile but not nearly like some of my friends. When exploring a new town I search for vintage shops, records stores and used book stores. They usually are in close proximity of each other. While strolling the aisle, I came across a small blue faded book. The spine worn so that the blue was barely there showing the tan base of the cover. On a faded blue back ground there etched in gold DAVID COPPERFIELD -DICKENS. Awesome an old Dickens book, is there really any other way to read Dickens?
I opened the book carefully as it felt so fragile in my hands to find a delicate handwritten message:

To Edith
Christmas 1935
from Olga

At this very moment, as my eyes glanced over this small message. I felt something, a warm feeling, my heart was beating a bit deeper. My eyes stopped on this page as my mind started to wonder. Who were these people? Did they live in NC? Was this one of Edith's favorite books? Were they friends or sisters? How great of a gift, a book! I never give books as a gift. And what a wonderful idea to write the date that the book was gifted. I have to have this book!

This was my first purchase and the start of collecting something that once was special to someone. A gift given or a book they purchased, read, loved it or hated it but decided to at least write their name in it. I have decided to write my name and date of purchase in them as well. So maybe one day a gal like me, living life trying to find her place in the world will walk into a used book store pick up a random old book and get butterflies in her stomach thinking of how this book was a part of someone's life, sat in a corner or on a table as life was happening around it.

Secondly, I recently went to my favorite vintage shop and decided to browse their books. I found two amazing books. The Collected Works of Emile Zola. It had a name JR something "I can't read the last name dated 1924 Richmond, VA . But as I am typing this I found a worn sticker with a beautiful sketch of a tree and a name typed out J.R.Cosimini.
The other book didn't have any writing, I just like the way it looked, smelled and how the crisp brown pages felt between my fingers. This is the book I am currently reading and also the reason for my sharing with you today of my book collecting. I was laying on my couch in my pj's this morning, listening to the Rachel's on vinyl, reading this book Message from a Stranger. It's a story about a lady who has passed away but is stuck in the "in between" and is watching her friends and family mourn and move on with their lives after she is gone. She is discussing how during these visits she doesn't really have emotions other then anxiety for whom she loves to help them or not so much an emotion but a reaction of being confronted with the complete pattern of her own life. I came across this passage and read it a few times, it just hit something, a truth maybe. I leave you with this.

"How merciful, too, was the illusion we create, the rationalization we make, to prove to ourselves that we are really better than we are. In this way do people compose their faces before they look into the mirror. In this way are people shocked when they are confronted, unprepared, by their image in a window or in an unexpected mirror. 'That is a stranger,' is their first thought; and only later, 'My God, that is ME'
And so, in the words and thoughts of the living and in the still-adhesive memories of my life, these self-illusions, so carefully maintained, dissolved into thin air; and there stood the full, illuminated image, without shadow or nimbus, of a woman bearing my name."

Thursday, August 27, 2009


I met Bradley in Atlanta and hung out with him once. He is a very interesting person with many layers of which I only witnessed a few. He reminded me A LOT of a old friend I had when I was 15-17 years old. Since our meeting, we have really only been communicating via FB. This past week he has been posting video questions. It's a great way to share thoughts on a subject and see others as well. I have been enjoying them. So Bradley's question today was

"Does your hometown care?"

I thought this to be a really good question. Many of us, being the age group we are, no longer live in the town we grew up. Maybe we moved to attend a college and never went back, moved to live near family, or just wanted to get the heck outta dodge. I am a mixture of two reasons and have two hometowns. One of which, I have nothing to do with ... other than talking to family. I don't even visit that often, I make them come to me. Texas is a weird state.. I try to stay away from it, I might get shot. I do have very fond memories of my old friends there and since FB and Myspace has made this a small world, I have found my closest friends. We don't talk much, but I can see that they all have kids, married and just enjoying life. I am so happy for them. It's nice to see people whom you spent a great amount of time during those years where everything was a new experience, they helped build your character, laugh, cry with and just be a kid exploring life doing well.

Now there is my second hometown: Des Moines Ia,
This is going to take awhile... I will update this later tonight... I just got this idea and my fingers where on fire... but I have a call to take... dang work!

* ok back to my thoughts. finally.
Iowa- (in contrast to Texas) I have put forth WAY more effort to visit and stay in contact with everyone in DSM. So my reply to Bradley was: The question isn't "Does your hometown care" but should be "Do you care about your hometown" REMEMBER: you chose to leave. I think that puts a bit more responsibility on your part to stay connected. Now, if you put forth the effort and get nothing back .. that is another story. There are a few people in Iowa that, for whatever reason, just don't keep in touch, call me back or reply to emails. Those people I still consider friends but not as close as they once were. I figure life has moved them forward and don't take it personal but I do miss them so that makes me a bit sad. Then there are people I guessed would forget about me once I was gone, I have been pleasantly surprise and our friendship has grown because of it. The ones that I hear from less often, it still is a special treat to get that email, text or hear their voice on the phone. All in all, I love my Iowa hometown and hope to move closer one day. I am blessed to say the least to have such great friends and family. Thanks for reading my ramblings ... until next time.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What made me laugh today

I found myself cracking up today while watching this cartoon called Phineas and Ferb. I have seen this show once before and thought it was pretty clever. I love the fact Phineas' head is a triangle. Both these songs were in the same episode which is about the doctor "breaking up" with Perry the Platypus for Peter the Panda from Seattle because he feels its time for them to see other nemesis. Oh poor Perry ...

notice the pointing motion he does... like ... "you really got me this time, YOU" ha!

And the second video's beach scene ... priceless.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Swell Season

I post a song off their new album a few post back. I found this today NPR Desk Concerts.
I would love to see em live. Maybe this year...

Mazer Tricks

I made this video for my lil bro. He has been sick ..102 temp for the last few days.

Don't forget to

Monday, August 24, 2009

I like

Here are few songs I have enjoyed. I guess my musical taste is craving the cool crisp air of fall. It's my favorite!

Swell Season has a new single out. Listen
"Maybe I was born to hold you in these arms"

The Avett Brothers are from NC. I really like their stuff. This is also a new single. Listen
"Three words that became hard to say... I and love and you"

I have not heard of Cadillac Sky before finding this popular cover. I like!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Worthy of me talking in my high pitched excited voice

First off, let me just say I've been a lazy blogger these days. I will try to be better. One thing is for sure, it's not because of lack of excitement and adventure. Matt has been visiting for the past few weeks. I have had a terrific time. He leaves tomorrow... insert pouty lip.

I wanted to share with you today one of the most amazing things that has happened to me this year. It was a normal lazy vacation day, I awoke and decided I needed to check my mail. In my little mailbox... a package. hmmm I didn't order anything? Did someone steal my personal information to make purchases? Upon entering my apartment ... I open the package. ... a book, a children's book at that. There is no note or anything with the book. Just an invoice with my name on it. I did notice a contact email address: bneumayer. FOILED! Sweet my friend sent me a book. My old dog was named Mitchell maybe that is why he sent me this book. I open the book and start reading it to my brother.

"SO Long, SO Long everything! he shouted
Then he ran next door to Margo's house.
I'm moving he said
where? asked Margo.
Two weeks away said Mitchell.
Where is that? asked Margo
It's everywhere I will be after I walk for two weeks said Mitchell.
I have lived in the same place for a long time, it is time for me to go someplace else"

Can you guess why my friend sent me this awesome kids book and as soon as I got to the second line of the story I started reading in my excited high pitched voice?? Then realizing how AWESOME of a friend I have. THANKS BUDDY!