Wednesday, December 30, 2009

This is a new year..

I DO feel different!

As many are making list of 2009 ... I am looking to 2010 list. I think it's great to reflect on prior years experiences but the last few years have brought so much change and growth a list would not do any justice.

I have so many goals and plans for 2010. I am super excited for the adventure! My loved ones will be along for the ride, you know who you are. With that being said, I have been really thinking a lot about being a bit more exclusive. mmmm maybe exclusive is not the correct term... maybe less "connected".

The other day I was working in a coffee shop. I chose to not listen to music via earphones. This small act allowed me to hear something magical .. the music of LIFE. As I sat next to the window enjoying a cup of hot tea next to me was a group of 5 people discussing The Song of Solomon, a couple in the corner laughing, the humming of the espresso machine, the bell telling us all that a new one was amongst us, all awhile the faint sounds of The Shins swirled over to my ears. This experience doesn't really have too much to do with communication but it got me thinking:

There was a day when if you didn't see someone, call or write them you didn't know what was going on in their life. When you did see, call or write it meant something. That time was special. Now with caller id, no one has numbers memorized, you know whose calling before you answer (granted this is handy for screening .. which I don't do often actually) FB keeps us all connected, blogs are outlets for sharing ideas and thoughts... none of these things are bad in of themselves but where did the personalization go? Catching up with an old friend that you haven't been reading their blogs or seeing all the FB post so when you talk to them its actually interesting...


The lack of letter writing. When I moved to Iowa from Texas I wrote letters to my friends back home. Now there are emails .. and while email is necessary to function . I crave the joy of opening a letter to see a few pages of my friend or families thoughts.

Thank you for following my blog over the last few years. It has been really nice to share my new experiences here in Raleigh with you. 2010 is going to bring more change, self improvement, travel, adventure, relationships, connections, and advancing my new business (the most exciting thing in 2009 forming Aqui Estamos Records.) I encourage you to embrace 2010 with me through other means as I will be discontinuing my blogging habit. I will admit this was a really tough decision and it might be hard to not blog since I am used to doing it. I will have to make sure my pen and paper are handy!

Again, Thank you for your encouraging, funny, and loving comments. I hope to see you face to face soon! If you would like a letter from me in 2010 email me your address at



I am always looking for innovated ideas .. something different. I came across this on while messaging our top listeners a Thank You. Their song came on as I was playing the Cashes Rivers radio station.

The World is Listening

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


*a mobile phone pic of a pic makes for great quality :)

My trip to Texas wasn't all bad. We all dressed in white shirts and blue jeans for family pictures, fun! Honestly, at first yes I was like.. seriously I look stupid in pictures do we have too. I spent everyday with my Nanny and stayed at her apartment as well. One of my favorite things to do is to look at her old photos, ones of her newly married, as a child, in high school, pictures of my mom and aunt as kids..her mother and grandmother. So I might be a bit "eek!" when it comes to pictures but maybe one day my grand daughter will be looking through my pictures and saying "Wow look how young you were!" Here is to sibling love minus one (Lora is missing Matt (youngest) Tammy (eldest sister) and Me! SMILE

Sunday, December 27, 2009

It's DONE!!

It's officially done ... my website!!! I am so happy to have a fully functional site. Plus the updating of it is so much easier then iweb. Be sure to sign up for our newsletters. Next up pop up invitations for the Feb 13th showcase, EXCITING!

Friday, December 25, 2009

When I come home

I only dream of you, when I get done screaming at you and my conscience needs to heal.
In the back yard when we were young I learn to throw this sympathy until I get what I need
Now that we started to age I throw out our regrets this way, thinking time will heal change.
Time DOESN'T heal the mistakes we've made.

We drive over the bridge til the lights spread over our heads and the stars begin to blend
When we visit our homes they are disasters we view from a far and wish them all away
Though they're gone the memory stays
And when I come home
I give up
I give up
On you

A few post ago, I talked about feeling down and needing some good news soon. I'm a processor .. it takes me a bit of time to understand what or how a feel about a situation. I tend to paint it out... but I have just been watching season 1 and 2 of Dexter, eating pizza and just not thinking about it. Well my lil brother does what he does best. He put it into a new song. I'm doing a split 7in for the showcase and he was able to visit a recording studio while in Texas (he is actually still in Tx now) He sent me the song last night.

When Matt and I were young we both had some interesting experiences in Texas. This trip was the first time I had been back there since I was 18 and his first time since leaving. He was 6 when we left. He wanted me to take him to all the places he could remember. So the place that causes so much pain in my heart I was now acting as a tour guide for him. We explored old apartments and the memories poured out of both of us. It was so weird. The memories for Matt were so vivid for being so young. I was 14 when we went to Iowa so I expected to remember a lot.... I did. We went into his old daycare where I would pick him up everyday. It hadn't changed. One of the apartments had been damaged but the hurricane last year and boarded up. This was a bummer to both of us as we had a ton of memories there. We stood out on the street and let them come to us instead of going to them. The last apartment we lived in prior to moving to Iowa I was able to look through the window. I didn't see the owners stuff but my mind changed it I almost could see her at the table in the kitchen. The brick didn't block my vision of the upstairs every detail, where furniture was placed, the closet I would lock myself in when my patience wore thin. I think back to us recounting this or that...and the only positive memory was Matt learning how to ride a bike. We went to 4-5 places .. and between both of us.... just one? We don't talk about what happened much .. this was our first time to remember something the we experienced with no one else. We decided not to see the person responsible for so many bad memories although she knew we were there. We gave up on her a long time ago.

The next day I got a call informing me that I didn't get the Chicago job and I was not being considered for a supervisor job back in DSM. I'm completely over my current job and finding it hard to not just pack my bags and live with Aunt Pam and Uncle Jeff. Matt will be moving out in the next year a room will be open. But that is just me not being logical. Something will give soon on the job situation. It has too... Stinkin Matt making me process.

Its a great song, I can't wait to hear it through a needle. Now season 3 of Dexter here I come and maybe a trip to see Sherlock Holmes,

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

It has been decided!

Sir Quilliam Wiggin Pricklington (Garcia)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Name TBA

I am still looking for that perfect name but until I figure it out it's Hedgie, prickley pear paw, and lil guy as nicknames. Here is a little video of Mazer and _______ the hedgehog's first meeting.

Here is a picture just hangin out getting to know everyone.
He is so curious!

Monday, December 21, 2009

I'm going to be a MOMMY!!

Just in time too. I needed some good news real bad. Now don't get all excited and start judging me. It's not like that...
I have decided to add to my pet family. Mazer will have a brother, a hedgehog.
I have not picked out a name so if you have any suggestions, feel free to post a comment. I pick this lil guy up tomorrow. Isn't he cute!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow...

Do you ever just have so much going on you don't know where to start? I wish I was blogging a more positive post, I wont go into too much detail but things have not been going my way lately. I guess you win some and you lose some... I could do with a win ... it's been awhile.... please.