Wednesday, December 30, 2009

This is a new year..

I DO feel different!

As many are making list of 2009 ... I am looking to 2010 list. I think it's great to reflect on prior years experiences but the last few years have brought so much change and growth a list would not do any justice.

I have so many goals and plans for 2010. I am super excited for the adventure! My loved ones will be along for the ride, you know who you are. With that being said, I have been really thinking a lot about being a bit more exclusive. mmmm maybe exclusive is not the correct term... maybe less "connected".

The other day I was working in a coffee shop. I chose to not listen to music via earphones. This small act allowed me to hear something magical .. the music of LIFE. As I sat next to the window enjoying a cup of hot tea next to me was a group of 5 people discussing The Song of Solomon, a couple in the corner laughing, the humming of the espresso machine, the bell telling us all that a new one was amongst us, all awhile the faint sounds of The Shins swirled over to my ears. This experience doesn't really have too much to do with communication but it got me thinking:

There was a day when if you didn't see someone, call or write them you didn't know what was going on in their life. When you did see, call or write it meant something. That time was special. Now with caller id, no one has numbers memorized, you know whose calling before you answer (granted this is handy for screening .. which I don't do often actually) FB keeps us all connected, blogs are outlets for sharing ideas and thoughts... none of these things are bad in of themselves but where did the personalization go? Catching up with an old friend that you haven't been reading their blogs or seeing all the FB post so when you talk to them its actually interesting...


The lack of letter writing. When I moved to Iowa from Texas I wrote letters to my friends back home. Now there are emails .. and while email is necessary to function . I crave the joy of opening a letter to see a few pages of my friend or families thoughts.

Thank you for following my blog over the last few years. It has been really nice to share my new experiences here in Raleigh with you. 2010 is going to bring more change, self improvement, travel, adventure, relationships, connections, and advancing my new business (the most exciting thing in 2009 forming Aqui Estamos Records.) I encourage you to embrace 2010 with me through other means as I will be discontinuing my blogging habit. I will admit this was a really tough decision and it might be hard to not blog since I am used to doing it. I will have to make sure my pen and paper are handy!

Again, Thank you for your encouraging, funny, and loving comments. I hope to see you face to face soon! If you would like a letter from me in 2010 email me your address at



  1. happy new year.
    and good luck to you in your seeking of new connections. i like your idea.

  2. Thanks! you have prolly been my only reader.. See ya next year..oh wait its this year :)

  3. i, on the other hand, am just getting started. and as i write this am currently in iowa hanging out with my family before i head back to san francisco. just out of curiosity, where in iowa were you?

  4. Hey Blacklungcrayola! Love your blog. I think quitting smoking is a FABULOUS idea and pairing that with art EXCELLENT!

    The big DSM!

  5. thanks! it's really fun. what brought you to iowa?