Sunday, June 28, 2009

Looking forward to


I found this article last night about Tim Burton's upcoming movie: Alice in Wonderland
I am excited just viewing the pictures. Tim Burton is a genius! I am sure this film will be amazing. I have to wait until 2010... I think March or so, dang it!

And if you haven't been told this is another reason to look forward to going to the movies.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Chess Anyone?

What this post doesn't allow is the comment that you get when you drag the mouse over the picture: "Wait, no, that one also loses. How about a nice game of chess."

Let the laughing begin

Really need I explain? I love my bike and have been enjoying riding to the store and to the Mexican restaurant near my place. My journeys have not ended with meeting people... until now. The other night I really felt like sitting outside enjoying the laughter of friends and a rita on the rocks, yes, salt please. I sent out a few text messages and set the event for 8:30. The hot sun was just going down providing a cool evening. Perfect for a table on the patio. Dos Taquitos is super cool, I love the atmosphere. There is so much stuff to look at, plus the food & beverages are tasty.

I set out for a 2.2 mile ride, not too bad right? The majority of the ride is uphill... I did realize this before deciding to bike there but figured I won't be able to make it up the hill if I don't try. I did have to walk up some of it, it was too hard. It was the hardest route I have done so far on my 3 speed cruiser. I got there about 20 mins before everyone else giving me time to cool off. I brought a book and found a shady spot to settle down. Now as hard as the ride there was the ride back was WAAAAAY fun, downhill on a cool night, AWESOME.

My friends were cute. After dinner 3 of them asked if I would like a ride back. The whole ride up the hill, I kept telling myself "on the way home this is goin to be so worth it, you can do it" So thanks for the offer but no way. They also wanted me to let them know when I got home. I think I beat some of them actually. Ben wanted to take a picture of me on my bike to send to others.. I assume for laughing purposes. That is ok I don't mind, I love my bike and am getting a lot of good out of it. And you better believe they all watched me petal off before shouting "ring your bell" I laughed, waived and rang my bell goodbye. So here you first trip to meet up with friends on my bike.

Friday, June 26, 2009

It's Friday night and I ain't got nobody

Oh. what's the use of making a bed? -Black Kids
I have been listening to these kids a lot. Black Kids check em out. They are just so fun.

Today is officially Saturday but since I haven't ended the day...I say it's still Friday. The day went really fast. After work ended, it seems the next time I looked at the clock it was 10:06pm. huh? Where did my evening go? Did the trip to Wal-Mart suck that many hours from my life? (I needed to buy a vaccuum)

I decided it was time to rearrange my office. I renewed my lease for another year this month. I better make my apartment a bit more like home. You know it is starting to feel like home... just in time for me to move somewhere else, ha! I think I just am addicted to change. I wanted to add some life to this room that I spend most of my day in. Since I am too lazy to paint the walls the only other option I could think of was to display my art work. They were just sitting on the floor anyway. I think this not only gives me some character to my workspace but also motivates me to continue painting/drawing. It really has been too long since my last piece, I gave that to Matt. Here is my art wall.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summer Sounds '09

It's about that time.... MIX CD time!!!
I love everything that goes into making a mix cd for people. The planning, listening, arranging, cutting, painting, creating... everything. I get way into it actually. I start about a month before the mix is ever finalized. I make a folder of mix song ideas and add/delete until it meets the needs of that mix. I usually do 2 mixes a year, summer being a perfect time for a musical treat.

Last time, I made puzzles to go with the cd. This year, a pop-up card/cd holder. If you would like your very own copy, please email me.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Look out Mountain, Look out Sea...

Words can't express the beauty I experienced in the NC mountains this weekend. Mazer kept me smiling.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

You created a 'monster' now go to jail!

N.C. State student accused of creating a 'monster' ::

I did not personally see this "monster" which I am a little bummed about, he looks really cool. I think the DOT should look into hiring this guy to make more of these traffic monsters. They could place them with a sign... SLOW DOWN workers ahead or This lane closed, MERGE NOW!

I know they are just doing their job of "this is our property, you messed with it, now you must pay the fine"...which appears to be jail time. A bit harsh in my opinion but seriously... How cool would it be to see these cone monsters on the side of the road. It would make the morning commute tolerable.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Secret Garden

I am not done yet but this is the start of my lil patio secret garden. I would love to get a water fixture to create a more natural sound. My patio faces the parking lot so this is my attempt of having a backyard. So far I love it!

The Decemberist

To be completely honest.... I had not listened to the new album before the show. You could image my sadness when they played the album from start to finish without talking or taking a break. After they played the whole album, to my surprise they took a short intermission and came back for a full set and encore. Not only was I able to experience a rock-opera complete with amazing stage presence.. I got to rush down to the floor and rock/sing/dance along to my favorite songs.

A few months ago, I saw Death Cab in a similar venue. I left feeling a bit short changed. Yes it was nice to hear my favorite songs but there was no ... no.. excitement to the performance. The Decemberists gave a great example of how to rock a theater and ensure that everyone had a great time. The set was full of audience interaction, tom foolery, getting little kids from the audience to play their guitars (they were actually pretty good) Colin stage diving, and bouncing around the stage like he is known for all with a huge smile on his face. Here are a few pictures from the show and my favorite song of the night.

Since the concert, I have listened to it a few times and really think the live version tells the story a bit more clearly. The Hazards of Love is a rock opera offering the listener a chance to journey in to the life of William and Margaret. This concept album holds steady with past works. You have to really listen, think and feel to understand the story. What I enjoyed is how familiar it sounds but at the same time very foreign....power chords, electric rock-n-roll, strong female vocals (thanks to my new crush Becky Stark from Lavender Diamond) and walking blues riffs partner the usual Colin folky whimsical style. Ok so that is my take on the album...

Cashes Rivers- Local Drunk

I missed the Cashes Rivers show on June 4th. Thanks to middleson for the video. At least I think that is your youtube channel..

Monday, June 1, 2009


I have been wanting to get a bike for a few months now. Just something to ride on the weekends to/from the store...ya know. I really want something vintage with gears and I want to be able to add a basket. I have emailed the people on craigslist... maybe I will have a bike by the end of the week. I can't wait!