Thursday, July 30, 2009

New Crush

I am doing some much needed NPR listening today. All Songs Considered being my focus..with a few others thrown in as well. I came across this Studio Session of a 27 year old 12 string guitarist. What blows my mind is he just started playing when he was 21... Just listen ... you might get a bit of a crush as well. OK so his finger nails are gross but just don't look at em.

Oh yeah... It's ME

I got this text message last night from my sister. HA ... LOVE IT! The hair makes me chuckle. I bet I spent a lot of time and stressed out way too much to have my hair just right for school pictures. Oh to be young again.. actually nah, I'm cool at 27.

This one is a bit blurry but I couldn't help myself. Shannon as a baby..all together now Awww!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

You are the reoccurring kind, you never really leave my mind

This Saturday morning was like many others... No alarm clock, just the joy of having a free day. I open my eyes to see the cutest little guy ever,Mazer. He melts my heart sometimes, especially when he is more tired then I am. We both stretch and welcome the day. I start running ideas of what I would like to do, Merge festival, farmers market (I need my milk,eggs and bread for the week) vintage store shopping, and the much needed cleaning. Dang it, cleaning has to be first. Aight. I am on my patio sweeping and watering my plants when I stop ... think about this painting I did almost 3 years ago when I took a summer painting class. I have always liked the flowers on that painting but couldn't do anything interesting with the plate. I put everything down right where I am standing because I have an idea. I find the painting tucked behind a few others on the floor. This is why I never throw anything away, even if I hate it. You just never know when your creative self will fully understand the piece that you started. Now, granted for me most often it has to do with ability or lack of it. It too takes time and you can always improve your technique then go back to finish what you were trying to do to begin with... I am rambling now. The point: I was able to actually finish a painting after 3 years. It will be going on my art wall or patio art as soon as it dries. I am proud of it.. It is truly a piece of me over the last 3 years and its complete.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

It's Black, Its White..Yeah YEAH!

A few friends and I went to a Black and White party. Hmmmm a party that I can dress up?! FABULOUS!
I really wanted to go 90's ska.. checkereds, suspenders..little black fendora. Well, below it appears I didn't come across like that AT ALL. More like school girl/teacher/I don't know. Either way, we had an AWESOME night. I got to meet some new people and danced the night away. The bonus of the night was an MJ tribute ... seriously this could not be a better mix of my favorite things.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Sunday Ride

Recently I was told about Raleigh's greenway trails. I guess at the back of my apartment complex there is a path that connect to one of them. I decided to try it out. After looking at the map and seeing that I could possibly get to places such as downtown, Five Points and Cameron Village.. I set out for an adventure. ... Not without my lil sidekick. I have a side metal folding basket that I normally use for groceries today it was going to be Mazer's seat. Not sure how he would act, I did a few laps around the complex. He loved it! He was just enjoying the wind and looking at everything go by.
Away we go.... We didn't find the cool stores like I originally planned, next time I need to print out the map. It's tricky in there with no direction. Beautiful as the paths are wooded and usually run next to a stream. I can't wait until our next adventure.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Girls just wanna have fun!

My sister, Lora, came from Houston for a week. We decided to explore the East Coast while she was here. Savannah, GA was our destination as Tab, Lora and myself had never been. It was so beautiful! You walk or bike everywhere, the eats are amazing and the history of the town makes you feel warm and fuzzy. There are small parks everywhere, most everyone I talked to was smiling, the brick streets are lined with trees filled with Spanish moss, there are some really cool shops. I was able to get a few neat dresses at a vintage shop called The Clothing Warehouse. The Goodwill right next door had a nice selection that Lora and Tab were able to take advantage of. After all that shopping, across the street was a french cafe where we drank a glass of wine and had a delightful dessert. Next time, I really want to stay at a bed and breakfast, go to Paula Deans restaurant. catch a live show at Jinx (the locals recommended it) and tour the historic district more, maybe even bring my bike.

The highlight of the trip for me was eating at a Moroccan restaurant, with our hands!! The simple act of not using any silverware or chopstick is so freeing. We felt like kids waiting for the command "Stop playing with your food!" I would be lying if I told you I didn't have the urge to throw my food across the table, since it was so delicious I couldn't waste not one handful. It is one of the best meals of 2009..oh let the list begin.

So if you are thinking about a trip or are making a list of places you want to go... Savannah, GA is a hip/green/historic town that is sure to please.