Thursday, May 21, 2009

XOXO, Panda and the New Kid Revival

Monday night I ventured out with a few of my guy "mostly married" friends (a fun bunch I might add) to check out a show that I have been eagerly waiting for. If you followed my mac blog you might remember me raving about Her Space Holiday. I found them one day while listening to LastFM. Tech Romance was the song being played that grabbed my ear from the start of the strings. I bought 2 albums right after that. Past Presents the Future and The Young Machines both very good cds,  I would recommend them to any music lover. 

Her Space Holiday was amazing!! Marc is super nice and played a great mix of old and new. He indulged my chattiness which was kind of him. To be honest.. XOXO, Panda and the New Kid Revival did not hit me the same as the other albums but live they make WAY more sense. Very jam band, clap your hands and sing out loud feel that you just can't, no matter how hard you try, get the same feeling recorded... it has to be live! I would say rather you have heard their stuff before or not, if you see that HSH is coming to a town near you GO! I promise you will enjoy yourself. I know I did. 

I leave you with a few songs for your listening pleasure ;) Ok so the first two have HORRIBLE audio BUT this was the show I was at... you can hear my friends and I commenting about the songs... I should really be quite at show... how embarrassing. 


  1. "to me! to ME!"

    so cute. What an Amazing show, so much fun!!!

    and it really was my jam.

  2. He was so nice. I bet if I would have really talked to him like I did post show he would have dedicated it to me... next time! I have to set goals in life, right?